The concept and design of the building was the brainchild of Kevin Sobels and with the help of his friend Graham Walker, built the main structure. Construction commenced in late September 1993 and was officially opened in late June 1994.

All the log timber used in the construction is white mahogany and was sourced from high in the mountains near Ellalong and the centre-piece, 9.5 metres tall, was planted more as a feature than main roof support.


Many of Sobels wines are grown, made and bottled right here. The property includes 21 acres of vines and a small but well-equipped winery. Even the bottling and labeling can be done on-site, giving our winemakers ultimate control and keeping our footprint small.


Our friendly, experienced and passionate staff can guide you on your tasting journey. We believe wine tasting should be a relaxed, fun experience. With our extensive range of whites, reds and fortified wines to choose from, you’re sure to find a favourite or three!


At Sobels, we offer something for everyone, from classic dry table wines to sweet styles, sparkling and fortified, so you can be confident of finding those perfect wines for your next social event. Or why not consider joining our wine club? We offer great prices, special releases and social events.  

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